The main goal

of Access Nashville is to gather information about “accessibility-friendly” restaurants, entertainment attractions, and transportation services allowing customers to make informed choices about where to go in Nashville, Tennessee. This information will be linked to the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau website by geographic location and on their “Accessible Nashville” page. Another goal is to inform and educate the public at large about the importance of accessibility.
Even if the parking lot is full, it is Not OK to park in the handicap space or access lane.
Send us your pictures of vehicles parked illegally in handicap spaces and we’ll post them.

Access Nashville educates:

  • Consumers about local area restaurants- Access Nashville provides accessibility-friendly information about restaurants  in the Nashville area so that customers who use wheelchairs and/or have other disabilities can make informed choices.

  • College students about disability and access– As a hands-on service learning project for Vanderbilt University and other local colleges, student volunteers receive disability awareness and accessibility training with hands-on experience in the community through volunteerism and social action.

  • Restaurant managers about disability and access– Many restaurant managers and staff learn about accessibility and gain an  awareness of disability issues through participation.  Access Nashville encourages all restaurants to be accessible and provides special certificates to those restaurants that are “accessibility-friendly.” Access Nashville also offers free training and technical assistance to restaurants receiving a “Limited Access” rating through the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau and      Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee, coalition partners.

Although related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, the goal of Access Nashville is focused on gathering accessibility information and does not intend to assess compliance with the accessibility requirements of the ADA. 

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